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Born in Jerusalem on 30/8/1964

During my childhood as a boy scout and later as a guide I learned to know & love every stone & corner in Jerusalem & Israel.

For my Military service, I served on one of IDF's elite units.

Together with my Army service, I've studied (3 years) geography and history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After the service I added, 2 more years to become a Licensed Tour Guide in Israel.

I got most of my touring experience during more than 8 years of working as a sales and marketing manager in "Egged Tours" & "Tllalim" some of Israel's leading tourism companies.

For all these years I continued to guide both Israelis, and tourists from all over the world.

I have worked with leading private sector companies and organizations both Israeli and international, organizing incentive activities and outdoor events, conferences and conventions with or without vacation trips. I also specialized with many, youth programs including private or public, bar / Bat Mitzvah projects.

Today I ran the Company and personally engaged primarily with VIP guiding.

Along with the love of the land of Israel I combine my love for all people everywhere. So no matter if you are a Christian, Muslim or any another stream. If you are a religious or secular Jew. If you are alone, with spouses or families. If children and young people are involved, homogeneous or heterogeneous groups, whether pilgrimage, a religious event, a family vacation, business conference.

I'd be happy to handle all components of your trip, from building your tour program to your smile at the end. A Taylor Made Itinerary that includes: Hotels, VIP Services, transportation, tour guiding, restaurants and touring sites.

I am sure that my experience, guarantees you, a 100% success.

Sincerely Yours,
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טלפון ראשי: 052-4340830
מספר פקס: 1535-24340830
טלפון נוסף: 025334387
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